Queen of the Ring 

My sister and I watched a relatively new Kdrama in the last few days. It’s called “Queen of the Ring” and starres Kim Seulgi and Ahn Hyoseop. Man, if you’re looking for a relaxing romcom, look no further!! It only has 6 episodes and every episode is only half an hour long, so it’s 3h in total . I really wish it was longer ~ (but it’s also kinda refreshing to have more of a fast paced storyline). The story is about an “ugly” girl who gets a ring from her mother that makes her look like a beautiful girl to the man she likes, so obviously she uses it to get together with her crush. I guess you can imagine how the plot develops. 

Honestly the drama kinda makes it feel like South Korea is really superficial when it comes to Beauty standards. Of course kdramas always give an exaggerated view of Korea but I feel like the people there have a much higher pressure to be pretty than here in Europe. 

Anyways, go watch it! At least you won’t be in the Kdrama black hole for too long this time. 


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