My Top 3 Korean movies

Hey world!

So.. I guess this is my first post, ha. We’ll see how this whole blogging thing goes. Sorry for any english mistakes in advance.

Today’s post is about my top 3 korean movies.

I actually usually stick with korean dramas but there are quite a few korean movies I watched over the years. So, here we go~


  • 1. Train to Busan

  • busan-still.jpg

I guess most people who are interested in movies from Korea have watched this one. It came out last year and was a huge success (also internationally!! and not many asian movies make it’s way over the ocean into European Cinemas…)

Train to Busan is a Zombie movie starring Ma Dongseok and Gong Yoo. (many might know Gong Yoo from kdramas like My first Cup of Coffee prince). It is about a father and his young daughter who are riding a train to Busan when there’s suddenly a zombie outbreak.  At first I wasn’t sure about watching this movie because I reeeeally don’t like horror movies. But I honestly can take the amount of horror in it~

It definitely has those typical Zombie movie elements to it where you go “oooh I knew this would happen!!” but honestly the great editing makes the whole movie so amazing!



2. Right Now, Wrong Then


I watched this movie on my flight back from Taiwan. It’s a low-budget movie and was directed by Hong Sang-Soo.

The movie is split in two parts that display the same 24 hours. It’s basically about a young painter who happens to meet a film director (played by Jeong Jae-yeong and Kim Min-hee).

I’m not too sure what to think about this movie but I just really like it. It sure isn’t for everybody as it has this whole quiet, melancholy vibe to it and there’s really not that much happening at all. Also the calm and subtle camera work is so unique! So if you’re interested in korean indie movies, go watch it!


3. Antique Bakery


Do you also love yourself a good laughter and baked goods? This is the movie for you!

This is the most lighthearted, funny movie out of the 3. It was released in 2008 and starres Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-wook, Yoo Ah-in and Choi Ji-ho. Antique Bakery is actually based on a manga of the same name by  Fumi Yoshinaga. The plot revolvs around four men who all start to work at a small cake shop. Each one of them has their own unique character and problems they have to face. For me personally I kinda like every movie that is about Baking haha but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this movie as well.


So these were my Top 3 korean movies! If you guys have any korean movie recommendations, be sure to tell me!


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